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Tesla should forget Autopilot project – Consumer Reports

Product reviews and ratings magazine Consumer Reports urged California-based energy storage and automotive company Tesla Motors, Inc. to temporarily discontinue its Autopilot models until such time that the mechanism is updated to ensure that drivers are required to have their hands on the steering wheel at all times.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration had earlier reported that 40-year-old Canton, Ohio resident Joshua Brown, the driver of a 2015 Tesla Model S sports car that was using the autopilot system, lost his life when his car drove into the path of a tractor-trailer on May 7, 2016, in Williston in Levy County, Florida. This counted as the first fatality using Tesla’s automated vehicle system.

Tesla’s Autopilot system makes use of cameras, computers, and radars to determine if there are objects in the vehicle’s way and a crash is imminent, using such incidents to determine when to veer away from said objects.

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Handicapped teenager files lawsuit against TSA, Memphis airport after bloody inspection

Nineteen-year-old Memphis, Tennessee-based St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital patient Hannah Cohen was injured and then taken into custody by security workers at a Memphis International Airport checkpoint, according to a recently filed lawsuit by Cohen’s family against the United States Department of Homeland Security’s Transportation Security Administration and the Memphis airport.

According to Cohen’s attorneys, Cohen was impaired due to radiation and removal of a brain tumor, and is limited in her ability of using motor, cognitive, and sensory functions such as talking, walking, standing, hearing, and seeing. Court documents stated that when Cohen and her mother were going through a security checkpoint operated by the Memphis International Airport Police Department and the TSA, an alarm went off and Cohen became confused by the alarm and the security officers’ attempt to search her.

Shirley Cohen, the plaintiff’s mother, said, “She’s trying to get away from them but in the next instant, one of them had her down on the ground and hit her head on the floor. There was blood everywhere.”

Cohen was then arrested, booked, and on the night she should have been celebrating the end of her treatment at St. Jude at her house in Chattanooga, she was detained at Shelby County Jail East Female Correctional Facility.

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