Dec 29, 2016 Wrongful Death

Civil Lawsuit for Wrongful Death of Bobbi Kristina Brown Reaches Judgment

The estate of Bobbi Kristina Brown—daughter of the late Whitney Houston—was recently awarded $36 million in punitive damages following the ruling that Brown’s boyfriend, Nick Gordon, was “legally responsible” for the young woman’s death.

Gordon’s culpability was legally declared after he failed to attend a number of civil lawsuit hearings levied by Brown’s camp. He also did not attend the hearing that revealed the amount of punitive damages he would be required to pay and hired no lawyers to defend his case. The suit originally sought $50 million. However Brown’s estate made a statement that the need to “get justice for Bobbi Kristina Brown” was urgent, and they intended to pursue the full collection of the judgment.

In January 2015, Brown was found face down and unconscious in a tub full of cold water—an attack her estate alleges Gordon committed after he gave her a “toxic cocktail” of drugs and alcohol. She subsequently spent six months in a coma and passed on July 26, 2015. No criminal charges have been filed against Gordon, but law enforcement officials say the case is still under investigation.

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