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Single-vehicle accident injures one

A single-vehicle accident on Interstate 40 East near Sycamore View Road caused the hospitalization of one woman. The accident occurred around 11 a.m. on Wednesday, December 28.

According to preliminary investigations made by the Memphis Fire Department, an SUV rolled over, causing a woman to be ejected from the vehicle. At the time of reporting, it was not yet clear whether the woman was the passenger or driver of the vehicle. Police said the victim sustained critical injuries because of the incident. The left lane of I-40 was closed to public traffic on both eastbound and westbound directions of the highway while police conducted a probe into the scene and emergency maintenance crews cleared the area.

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Distracted driving deaths: when texting bans are not effective

The Tennessee Highway Patrol, in an effort to observe motorists from a higher vantage point, used to observe them from a tractor-trailer. They could see drivers typing on their cell phones while on the road, and when they observed this dangerous behavior they would radio other troopers, who would stop the drivers then issue a citation.

Texting while driving is prohibited in Tennessee and in 45 other states, falling under the “due care law,” which stipulates that drivers are responsible for “devoting full time and attention to operating a motor vehicle.” This issue is getting worse in the state, with Sergeant Chris Richardson saying, “It’s a texting and driving epidemic.”

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Woman confesses she was texting when she hit child at bus stop

The Morristown Police Department in Hamblen County, Tennessee reported 37-year-old Heather Williams confessed to texting while driving. Her negligence caused her to hit a child who was waiting at a school bus stop near Lincoln Heights Elementary School on Monday, October 24.

Williams is facing charges of leaving the scene of an accident involving personal injury, passing a school bus stop sign, and texting while driving. In an interview with local news channel WBIR 10News, Jennifer Chess, the mother of six-year-old victim John Paul Taylor, said the boy sustained sore knees, some cuts, and bruises, but was already back to school by Thursday, October 27. Chess noted, “I thought he broke a bunch of bones. But guardian angels were watching over him.”

MPD Chief Roger Overholt emphasized the dangers of distracted driving, saying, “The incident demonstrates, once again, the danger of texting and driving, and, that while the child sustained non-threatening injuries in this incident, the outcome could have been far worse.”

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Woman charged with drunk driving in fatal Indiana motorcycle accident

A woman from the state of Tennessee is facing charges of driving while intoxicated causing serious bodily injury (a Level 6 felony), misdemeanor charges of operating while intoxicated, and citations of failure to yield the right of way, and refusal to submit to a certified chemical test.

According to preliminary investigations made by the Indiana State Police, a motorcycle was struck by a 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt while headed west along U.S. Route 6 near Valparaiso, Indiana. The Porter County accident occurred on Saturday, November 5. The motorcycle passenger died as a result of the accident, while the motorcycle driver sustained serious head and foot injuries.

At John Michael Bailey Injury Lawyers, we see motorcycle and car accidents like this one far too often. We know how difficult it can be for families to recover after a serious loss and want to help you get the compensation you deserve to make things easier. Our thoughts and condolences are with the victims of the accident.

New technology can help older drivers navigate safely

Better technology can aid drivers of all ages and help them enjoy a safer, more relaxing driving experience, especially since motorists who are aged 70 and older are more likely to get confused at intersections and on-ramps.

According to automotive insurer The Hartford and MIT’s AgeLab, the presence of safety technology will be a factor heavily considered by drivers in coming years. Three-fourths of drivers aged 50 and above are planning to consider safety technology when they purchase their own vehicle within the next two years. That marks an increase in drivers aged 50 and above who bought vehicles with safety technology during the past two years.

The move to develop self-driving cars is a step toward doing away with the human error present in most vehicular accidents. In fact, Google plans to have its self-driving cars available by 2020, an objective that many in the auto industry believe is too ambitious since they believe self-driving cars can only come about over 10 years from now.

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Crash victim’s family suing the City of Memphis

The family of 80-year-old Memphis resident Lucille Grose, who lost her life in a two-vehicle accident on July 18, 2015, filed a lawsuit against the city’s police department. The lawsuit in the United States District Court of Western Tennessee charges the Memphis Police Department and the Memphis Fire Department with negligence. The family is seeking $5 million in damages.

According to police investigations, Grose pulled from a private driveway onto Shelby Drive in her 2000 Mazda when a Ford pickup traveling west on Shelby Drive crashed into her driver’s side door. The plaintiffs claim that even though a DUI police officer came to the scene of the accident, “a decision was made by MPD not to do a field sobriety test for alcohol or drugs upon the defendant of this fatality to see if this was a factor or possibility of drugs and alcohol was a causation to this fatality.”

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Nashville single-car crash kills one

A single-vehicle accident on Murfreesboro Road, near Mt. View Road, resulted in the death of an individual. The accident occurred in front of a Publix in Nashville, Tennessee around 2 p.m. last Monday, June 20.

The Metro Nashville Police Department identified the victim as 29-year-old Smyrna resident Joshua Abendroth. According to preliminary investigations, Abendroth was travelling in a 2001 Toyota Sequoia SUV when the vehicle crossed into the northbound lanes of traffic and then crashed into a utility pole. Both Abendroth and another passenger were ejected from the vehicle. Abendroth was declared dead at the scene of the accident. The other person in the vehicle was transported to Vanderbilt University Medical Center for the treatment of his critical injuries. Police officers confirmed both men will undergo toxicology tests. Authorities are still investigating the crash to determine who was driving the vehicle when the incident took place.

At John Michael Bailey Injury Lawyers, we regularly witness the effect of accidents such as this one. We are saddened to hear about the loss to the community, and our thoughts are with the families of the victims.

I-40 Chain Reaction Crash Kills 1

An accident involving five cars occurred on I-40 near Sycamore, killing one woman. Police arrived at the scene of the accident in response to a call around 5am.

The accident started when the driver of a Ford Fusion tried to maneuver around a broken down Honda Accord and was hit by Francis Barrios, who was driving a Hyundai SGX. As the three vehicles sat waiting for police, the driver of a Chevrolet Tahoe hit Barrios, causing a chain reaction accident. The broken down Accord, which was at the head of the initial accident, then collided into a Chevrolet Impala.

Barrios was pronounced dead at the scene and Britney Herron, the driver of the Chevy Tahoe that set off the chain reaction, faces serious charges, including reckless driving, financial responsibility, and vehicular homicide. Our thoughts are with the 23-year old’s family during this difficult time.

Text senders could also be held liable for distracted driving accidents

South Memphis, Tennessee resident Betty Isom’s adopted grandson, Marcellus Anderson, was hospitalized after his vehicle was struck by a driver who was reading a text message while behind the wheel along Union Avenue.

According to personal injury attorney Janika White, courts in New Jersey and Pennsylvania are handling lawsuits that would help decide whether  sending text messages to people known to be driving the moment the text message is sent can be held liable for the accident that ensues involving the distracted driver. She noted that, “in Tennessee, I haven’t seen a case like that yet, but Tennessee could potentially follow some of that case law.”

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Single-vehicular accident: one dead, one hurt

An individual lost his life while another is fighting to survive after sustaining critical injuries when the car they were riding along Raleigh Lagrange Road and Chiswood Street in Memphis, Tennessee on Friday, April 16 went over the curb, struck a utility pole, and was cut in half.

25-year-old Quinton Jones was found dead at the scene of the accident, police said. Both he and his companion were thrown out of the vehicle and onto the road when their vehicle crashed.

The other victim, identified only as a 23-year-old man, was taken to the Regional Medical Center for the treatment of his grave wounds.

Police investigators have yet to determine who was the driver of the vehicle at the time of the incident and, therefore, have yet to place any charges. They are still collecting evidence to find out what caused the accident in the first place.

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