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Three Ways Pedestrians Can Protect Themselves from Accidents

As more people move to city centers every year, pedestrian and vehicular traffic has increased. Unfortunately, this has also increased the number of pedestrian accidents. Pedestrian accidents are particularly dangerous for pedestrian victims because they lack the safety of a car and are unprotected, often resulting in far more serious injuries than typical crashes. Given the potential severity of these types of accidents, it is imperative for pedestrians to take certain precautions to prevent unnecessary accidents and reduce their chance of injury. It is equally important for drivers to be vigilant and take their own precautions to prevent collisions with pedestrians, but drivers can be unpredictable and pedestrians must also do their part. Here are some things all pedestrians can do to improve safety for everyone on the road.

1. Wear bright clothing or reflectors. Bright colors, such as neon, whites, yellows, and oranges, can alert drivers of your presence. Reflector vests and similar high-visibility apparel make drivers more likely to see you and stop when you are walking at night. Visibility can make a huge difference in areas that are not well lit and do not have designated sidewalks and crosswalks for pedestrians.

2. Walk towards traffic in areas with no sidewalks. This approach may sound counterproductive, but if you are walking on a street without a sidewalk, walking on the left side of the road—or walking towards traffic—allows you to see oncoming traffic and move out of the way. On the other hand, if you walk on the right side of the road, traffic can approach you from behind and hit you before you hear or see it. This technique is especially useful for neighborhoods where there may be no sidewalk for residents to take during walks.

3. Wait for signals at intersections and pay attention to drivers. Sometimes pedestrians may be too eager and decide to jaywalk or advance on a crosswalk before the light completely changes. Walking without a signal increases the pedestrian’s risk of being hit, especially if a negligent driver is trying to speed through a yellow light to beat the red. It is better to go to an intersection whenever possible and wait until the signal indicates it is safe for pedestrians to cross. Even then, pedestrians should be vigilant for cars that may not follow traffic signs or attempt to turn right or left as pedestrians are crossing.

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