What makes our firm stand out from all the rest is that we walk the walk.  We are fighters and always have been.  We aren’t trying to get cases in and out of the door as quickly as possible or trying to make a quick dollar at the expense of our clients. We don’t treat our cases like fast food burgers being made for the drive through.  Each client we represent is not a number, but a person– a flesh and blood person whose life has been upended by someone else’s careless or reckless actions or failures to act.  Our society is mobile, we depend on our cars or bikes to get us where we need to be, so getting our clients back mobile is a very important need. We assist our clients with their property damage for two very important reasons.

First, it’s the right thing to do and second the property damage is the DNA or fingerprints of the injuries in the accident. We can even get the data from the black boxes most of the time to help prove fault and injury. Most other firms don’t care about the property damage and tell their clients they are on their own. It makes no sense to leave someone fending for themselves on property damage issues and letting crucial evidence get lost and disappear.  That’s how we are different. We start the fight right away.  We stay in constant contact with our clients by text, email, phone, client portals and video emails from JMB explaining where the client is in the stage of the case and what to expect and where we will go next.  No other firms do this like we do.  We are aggressive in making sure that we understand the human collision (again why we need property damage evidence) because adjusters and insurance companies always claim that no plaintiff is ever hurt in a collision. 

Clients who claim valid objectively proven and demonstrable injuries are called liars and malingerers. This is why aggressive representation is needed from the very beginning and never stopping through the entire process of the case.  We are aggressive in understanding our clients injuries and closely monitor our clients physical mental and emotional states during their treatment.  Why? First, because we care, second we are committed to making sure our clients identify every injury, are treated for every injury and are compensated for every injury whether the injury be physical, mental or emotional.  We closely track our clients out of pocket expenses to make sure we get every dollar our client’s deserve. 

We know that insurance companies don’t evaluate claims on clients as humans because insurance companies and adjusters have calculators for hearts and computer systems for souls.  We know that insurance companies run client’s cases through a computer system to determine their worth as individuals and we have ways to combat and fight this. We call the insurance companies out on their tactics and when necessary we file suit.  We aggressively investigate the wrongdoers to our clients because we know the insurance companies investigate our clients. Not to find the truth but to look for ways to cheat our clients out of what they rightfully deserve.  When we file suit we aggressively push the cases by insisting on a Court Ordered schedule so that the insurance company cannot drag its feet and delay the case hoping to grind our clients down to the point where they will take nickels when they deserve dollars.  We know the marching orders of the insurance companies and adjusters are to delay the claim, deny the claim and defend the claim.  Our response to that is WE FIGHT, WE FIGHT, WE FIGHT.  

How did we get this way?  John Michael Bailey was 13 years old when the civil rights era burst into flames across America.  Seeing injustice and people treated wrongfully burned into him a deep commitment to fight for those who needed justice.  To stand up and go toe to toe with those who cheated and took unfair advantage. To fight for those who didn’t know the system or how to fight for themselves.  John Michael Bailey was one of the many young men and women of his generation who marched and protested for the rights of those who were wronged. John Michael Bailey felt in his heart that his generation could change the world, make it better. He still has that belief today but also realizes that sometimes it requires an ocean of fight to get a thimble of justice.

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