With so many of our drivers acting like they have no sense, drag racing and speeding and driving while watching TikTok videos its no wonder that pedestrian collisions have risen sharply over the years. In 2011 in the Memphis area there were 11 pedestrian collisions. In 2021 there were 72, That’s a huge increase in the number of pedestrians who have suffered serious permanent disabling injuries or even death. When these tragedies occur do the adjusters and defense lawyers do the right thing and try and take care of the victim or grieving family? Of course not.  Their tactics are always the same. Attack the victim or blame someone else for the collision.

Like the motorcycle collision and the bicycle collision, these pedestrian collisions involve the metal and steel of the vehicle impacting the unprotected flesh and bones of our clients. Broken bones are a common injury in these collisions and frequently require surgery to repair. Oftentimes there are lifetime injuries, a limp from a broken leg, brain damage from the impact, psychological trauma that we now know as PTSD.

When you or a family member or a loved one are faced with these types of horrific injuries you need someone who understands how to hold the vehicle driver accountable for the damages they cause. Someone who knows the games the adjusters and insurance carriers love to play and won’t allow them to treat you that way. Someone who loves a good fight and someone who will go toe to toe with the uncaring insurance company and get you all the money you deserve.  Need a proven fighter by your side? You know who to call. Pick up the phone and call me now, 888-WE FIGHT.


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