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Though many car accidents are the result of driver errors such as negligent behavior or driving under the influence, there are too many entirely avoidable collisions that occur as a result of defective roadways. Local municipalities and, sometimes, other construction companies are responsible for maintaining roadways, and failure on their part to properly maintain roads may constitute negligence in many cases. John Michael Bailey Injury Lawyers know exactly how devastating car accidents can be, and we also know that when defective road conditions cause collisions, there can be a heightened sense of frustration. Our attorneys strive to protect victims of improperly maintain roadways by building comprehensive cases against the negligent parties in order to seek both justice and compensation for your pain and suffering.

Common Road Defects

While every car accident has its own unique set of circumstances, many are caused by the following road defects:

While the damages that can occur as a result of car accidents caused by these factors will vary in severity, victims of negligence could win compensation for lost wages, time spent dealing with insurance companies, medical bills, and pain and suffering.

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