Everyone who gets into a car and drives on public roadways has a duty to operate that vehicle in a safe manner so as to guarantee the safety of all the other motorists who share that road. But the responsibility goes deeper than that. Everyone who drives a car on the roadway also has the duty to make sure that the vehicle is safe to be driven. Do the brakes function like they should? Are there any problems with sudden acceleration?  Do the headlights work? The taillights? Are the tires of the car in good condition for the roadway surfaces? Do they have tread or are they bald?  All of these types of defects are attributable to the driver for the purposes of determining fault in the accident.

But there is another class of automotive or pickup truck defects that cannot be known either by you while you are driving or even maybe the person in the car that hit you.  This occurs when manufacturers or repair shops either put defective products into the marketplace or when repairs are done incorrectly or in a negligent manner.  Well what kind of defects are we talking about? Here’s a partial list of what can be defects that a regular ordinary person may not be able to discover.

Tire Blowouts

Defective Airbags

Brake Defects

Seat Belt Defects

Defective Child Car Seats

Roof crush injuries from a rollover accident

We investigate and handle all these types of cases because when these occur the injured victim has to fight huge billion-dollar companies and they need someone who isn’t afraid of bullies or to go toe to toe and stand up for what’s right. If you have been the victim of any of these defects pick up the phone and call me now, 888-WE FIGHT.

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