Back when I was actively competing in Triathlons, I trained with a very good coach to teach me how to ride for racing. The way to use my legs efficiently, how to posture myself on the bike for certain terrain and how to be as aerodynamic as possible in my riding. All the information and coaching were spot on and good for me to know. Except for one thing. One day when we were riding, I saw that he rode very aggressively around cars which scared me. We pulled over immediately so we could have a chat about this, and his thoughts were that we as bicycle riders had as much right to the lanes and to be on the road as motorized vehicles.  I pointed out that even though he may be right any collision between a motorized vehicle and his human flesh would leave him seriously and perhaps permanently injured. It was like a lightbulb going on in his mind and from that day he changed the way he rode. He became very cautious and careful around motorized vehicles and did all he could to maintain a safe distance from them even if the vehicle drivers did not. He also, on my advice, purchased as much uninsured motorist coverage as his insurance agent would sell him, including an umbrella.

Today we have more and more bicycle riders getting out and enjoying biking and so we have more and more collisions between the riders and the vehicles. In every case that we have handled it has been the fault of the driver for being careless, speeding, distracted and simply not seeing the rider who was right in front of them.  In every case we have handled the first thing every adjuster has said is that the fault lies with the bike rider not the driver.

We know that each claim will likely be denied no matter that it was the driver’s fault. We know that the injuries that the rider suffers can be debilitating and sometimes permanent. It’s not at all uncommon for us to find the hidden injuries of traumatic brain injury, temporo mandibular joint syndrome, spinal issues and ptsd.  We uncover these hidden injuries because we train ourselves to understand the force impacting the rider’s body and how it affects the body. We know how to look for the symptoms that the rider or some untrained medical personnel or uninformed lawyer may not realize are related to the trauma of the collision. Some lawyers are afraid of taking on the big insurance companies when it’s a bicycle collision but not us.  We like a good fight, and we won’t hesitate to go toe to toe with the adjusters who are trying to cheat you out of your rightful money or a defense lawyer asserting a flimsy and inaccurate defense. If you or a loved one has been involved in a bicycle collision, please don’t wait. Every day that goes by evidence disappears and that adjuster is building a case against you. You need a proven fighter by your side. Pick up the phone and call me now 888-WE FIGHT.


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