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When we visit a medical professional, we rarely consider that we will receive the incorrect medical treatment. Unfortunately, such medical mistakes occur with alarming frequency, and individuals are frequently denied the medical treatment they need because they receive an improper course of treatment or procedure. Not only does improper treatment prevent a patient from receiving the care they need to treat their underlying condition, but it also exposes them to potentially harmful, unnecessary treatment they never needed in the first place.

At John Michael Bailey Injury Lawyers, our Memphis legal team will fight to protect your rights when the medical professionals who were supposed to help you cause you to suffer undo harm.

Examples of Improper Treatment

There are a variety of ways that an individual can be improperly treated by a medical professional. However, some of the most unfortunately common include:

Prescription/Medication errors: For many injuries and health concerns, a medical professional will prescribe not only a certain medication but a specific dosage, as well. One of the most dangerous medical errors can be prescribing someone the completely wrong medication. In a best-case scenario, an individual will simply be deprived of the actual medication they need to treat their condition. In the worst cases, the incorrect medication they are given could trigger an allergic reaction or another adverse interaction that further harms the patient. Additionally, a doctor may also over or under prescribe a medication, both of which can have potentially serious effects on an individual.

Administering unnecessary dangerous treatments or medications: Some treatments or medications inherently come with more risks than others but are necessary to heal certain ailments. However, when these treatments or medications are unnecessarily administered, a person can be left worse off than they were before they visited a medical professional.

Performing unnecessary surgery: Just as unnecessary treatment or medications can be dangerous, unnecessary surgery can have extremely detrimental consequences, as well. Along with an individual being forced to heal from these unneeded procedures, the risks of these surgeries can be life-threatening in some cases.

Surgical Errors: In many cases, surgery can already be a difficult and dangerous process. However, this process can be made even worse when surgeons do not hold up their responsibility to keep patients safe. There are a number of surgical errors that can occur including wrong-site surgery, wrong side surgery, and wrong-patient surgery. All of these errors have the potential to be life-threatening in some cases.

Any of these improper treatment errors can leave victims and their loved ones dealing with overwhelming pain, extensive medical bills, emotional trauma, and the likely possibility that they will need further medical attention. The legal team at John Michael Bailey Injury Lawyers believes that the medical professional(s) responsible for your unnecessary suffering should be held accountable for the preventable wrong that you have been forced to endure.

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