You’re driving down the road minding your own business and you hear the hiss of air brakes and the next thing you know is the loud boom of your car crumpling under tons of speeding steel and suddenly you have an 18 wheeler in your back seat. You feel like you’re in a horror movie with time in slow motion and your family flying around the car and you wonder if these are your last moments on earth.  With a jolt things stop but your world is now upside down.  You’re hurt, you’re family is hurt, the kids are screaming because they are scared and in pain, your wife is looking at you with an expression in her eyes that will haunt you forever with the fear of her childrens lives in her eyes. Youre stunned and shocked and trying to collect yourself and take care of your family. What do you do?

I’m going to  tell you what to do. The first thing you do is pick up the phone and call the police. Don’t listen to that truck driver who will tell you not to do that. Politely but firmly tell him to back off because you have your family to take care of. Next, you call 911 and get the ambulance sent to the scene. While you are waiting on the ambulance check on everyone in your car and see if its safe to move them out of the car. If you have any doubt, don’t move them let the paramedics handle this. The only exception to this rule is if there is smoke coming from the car and it looks as though the car might catch on fire. Most gas tanks are in the rear of the car over the back axle and in a typical big rig collision a leaking gas tank is something to look for.

Realize in this moment that this collision is not a typical auto accident. You have been hit by a machine   that weighs as much as a Boeing airliner so the impact on you and  your family is more like a plane crash than a fender bender at the grocery store. Realize in this moment that everything you may have heard about auto collisions goes out the window here. This is totally different. Different force, different impact, different injuries, different rules of law.  That leads right into the third thing you need to do.  Pick up the phone and call me 888-WE FIGHT.

Here’s why. Before the police usually get to the scene some men will show up for the benefit of the trucker and the trucking company. They will try and talk to you. DO NOT TALK TO THEM. They are adjusters and are there to stage the scenes and have been known to move evidence or hide evidence and will sometimes tell the trucker not to talk to the police. IF you can get a picture of the gentlemen doing anything that seems suspicious do so.  Go to the door of the truck that hit you and you will see the initials DOT followed by some numbers get a picture of that.  You need someone fighting back against these tactics and I have seasoned trained investigators and accident reconstructionists that I can dispatch to the scene 24/7/365.  When the police arrive, you are to speak to them but again not to the people who show up for the trucker. If you have pictures of the adjusters moving evidence or acting in any way suspicious give the police copies of those pictures by text so that you can keep the originals on your phone.

Once we have been retained, we will handle everything for you from that moment on. We will help with the property damage on your car, getting a rental, getting you into the appropriate medical providers and most importantly fighting the insurance company that has already started trying to build a case against you.

We will focus in on the mechanics of the collision measuring the force of impact by getting information from the black box in your car (we are one of the few firms that do this) and we will take detailed medical histories from you based on that impact evidence looking for injuries that may be hidden and go unreported. For instance, Temporo Mandibular Joint syndrome in an  injury to the hinge of the jaw and often occurs if airbags deploy or your head hits the steering wheel. Traumatic brain injury from a violent hyper extension hyper flexion where the brain shears (a tearing of tissue in the middle of the brain) that can only be detected by specific mri’s of the brain. Think about it, you only have one brain and it cannot heal itself. If you don’t know how badly you are hurt, you cannot get the proper treatment. We are trained to help find these hidden and unreported injuries and get you to the right doctor so you can have the best possible recovery. PTSD from the fright and shock of a near death experience. No insurance adjuster will tell you about any of those injuries even though they know those injuries occur. That’s why you need us fighting for you from the very beginning. Pick up the phone and call us now 888-WE FIGHT.

Lastly, we have tough chins and we like to fight. We founded this practice with the thought that we hate bullies. Particularly insurance bullies. We won’t hesitate to go toe to toe with them whenever or wherever we need to so that we can fight for everything you deserve for your injuries. I know this is a scary time for you, but you don’t have to be scared. Not with John Michael Bailey Injury Lawyers at your side.  None of us are scared of a truck accident, none of us are scared of any adjusters and none of us are scared of jury trials. You want someone who knows how to fight and who is determined to fight and win for your 18 wheeler case? Pick up the phone and call us now. 888-WE FIGHT.


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