Nov 10, 2015 Personal Injury

Dollywood asks courts to dismiss negligence suit

Pigeon Forge, Tennessee-based theme park Dollywood, owned by 69-year-old country singer-songwriter Dolly Parton, has asked courts to dismiss a lawsuit against it that claims negligence on behalf of the park’s staff.

The plaintiff, Tedi Brown, who filed a lawsuit against the theme park in late 2014, claimed that the ride she was on when she was injured, the Waltzing Swinger (a swinging chair ride that lifts occupants as high as 25 feet in the air), should not have been operated in dangerous conditions. On the day in December of 2013 when Brown became injured, it was raining heavily. Brown and her attorney believe the weather led to the ride becoming slippery, which allowed Brown to fall headfirst ten feet onto the pavement below and sustain several injuries.

According to court documents, Brown fell after she, believing the ride to be over, lifted her restraining bar in order to leave her seat. While Brown alleges that she would not have fallen had the seats been dry, Dollywood representatives believe Brown’s decision to lift her own safety bar renders her solely responsible for her injuries.

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