Jan 15, 2017 Medical Malpractice

Nurses at Memphis hospital overdose two-month-old girl

Tavares Sheeks took his daughter of two months to Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital in Memphis in hopes that the doctors would attend to his daughter and relieve her respiratory illness. What he wasn’t expecting is for the hospital nurses to give his daughter the wrong dose of medicine.

In an interview, Sheeks said, “We got a call from the nurses around 5 p.m. saying we should bring her back ASAP because she’s been overdosed with too much methadone, which is the medicine to keep her sedated and asleep.” Sheeks was enraged when he found that instead of giving his daughter 0.2 milligrams of methadone, the nurses had administered 2 full milligrams. After Sheeks said he would file a lawsuit against the hospital, he received an apology from them. He added “I accept their apology, but I’m still lost on how could you make a mistake with a 2-month-old.”

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