Jul 24, 2015 Truck Accident

Truck driver’s license revoked after fatal I-75 accident

A driver for Cool Runnings Express Inc., licensed by Kentucky, has officially had his commercial trucking license revoked by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration after being involved in a major collision on Interstate 75 last month that killed six people, according to the Times Free Press on July 21.

Benjamin Scott Brewer received the order to cease operation of any and all commercial motor vehicles interstate commerce this past Sunday, July 19. According to a release from the FMCSA, Brewer posed an “imminent hazard to public safety” after he falsified his records-of-duty status. Brewer stated that he was off duty between June 15 and June 25, yet the tracking system implemented by his employer showed that he had been driving his vehicle on June 22, 23, and 24.

Brewer also lied on his application for employment by leaving out one collision in June 2013 and one speeding ticket, issued for going 16-20 miles over the limit, in January 2015. Additionally, Brewer tested positive for controlled substances in May of this year.

The serious truck accident, which occurred in June, resulted in the highest death toll for a single crash in Hamilton County in the past 21 years. The investigation is ongoing.

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