Memphis Construction Site Negligence Lawyers

Construction is an ongoing, inescapable presence on roadways. While necessary, maneuvering around construction areas is often an inconvenient and dangerous task for drivers. The hazardous nature of construction work means something as small as a loose nail creates a road defect drivers may have trouble avoiding. Construction crews have a responsibility to adequately block off renovated areas from oncoming traffic and clear roads of debris. When crews fail to make a construction site safe for oncoming drivers, they create a huge risk of preventable auto accidents to anyone in the area.

Accidents from a recklessly maintained construction site happen constantly in major cities and are completely avoidable. Road defects cause severe injury through no fault of the driver and at John Michael Bailey Injury Lawyers, our impassioned legal team believes you deserve restitution for the losses you have unjustly suffered. Although we understand your injuries are painful, our construction site negligence attorneys have the resources to help you receive compensation for your medical bills, recovery, unearned wages, future care, and more.

Types of Construction Site Negligence

While they may not sound dangerous alone, the risk involved in the following road defects is not to be underestimated. Falling objects cause traumatic brain injuries, while uneven pavement may result in a rollover accident. Other obstacles created by construction site negligence include:

  • Falling objects
  • Potholes
  • Lack of guardrails and boundaries
  • Lack of posted warning signs
  • Uneven pavement
  • Debris on the roadway

It isn’t hard for these road defects to cause an accident as serious as a multi-vehicle collision, but the negligent party will likely argue your accident was caused by driver error. Fortunately, a well-versed road defect lawyer can effectively prove your injuries were suffered through no fault of your own.

Contact a Construction Site Negligence Lawyer

Accidents caused by construction site hazards should never happen. You may feel alone in contending with your injuries, but you are not helpless. At John Michael Bailey Injury Lawyers, our construction site negligence attorneys are committed to advocating for our clients and will aggressively pursue all the damages you deserve from this overwhelming experience. If you or someone you love was in an accident because of a construction-related road defect, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Memphis offices at 888-WE-FIGHT for support and guidance in your case.

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