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Municipal and state agencies neglect the maintenance and upkeep of roadside shoulders more times than many of us would care to know. Shoulders act as a safe place for drivers to pull over, attend to their vehicle, or wait for assistance. However, when these areas are run down, littered with trash, or constructed at a lower elevation than the main road, shoulders can quickly become a dangerous hazard to drivers. Driving at highway speeds, the height drop from the road to the shoulder is one most drivers do not expect; cars trying to reenter the road may find their tire has trouble overcoming the sharp edge, significant height difference, and change in the pavement. In turn, shoulder drop-offs can cause slashed tires, oversteering, loss of vehicle control, and even vehicle rollovers. Government agencies are responsible for maintaining these areas, but more often not, they are left unchecked and present more of a hazard to drivers than a place of safety.

The unaddressed problems related to shoulder drop-offs are one of the most widespread defects on Memphis roads. At John Michael Bailey Injury Lawyers, our legal team knows how shoulder drop-offs can cause painful and lasting injury. These accidents should never occur and wouldn’t if negligent municipalities were proactive about the safety of motorists. Our road defect lawyers are dedicated to fighting for the compensation of accident victims hurt by a dangerous shoulder drop-off.

Dangers of Shoulder Drop Off

There are a number of problems caused by stark height differences between the road and shoulder. One of the most significant is tire scrubbing: the inside of the tire rubbing against the edge of the main road, caused by an inability to overcome the difference in elevation. Other dangers include:

  • Tire blowouts
  • Suspension or wheel damage
  • Loss of control at high speeds
  • Rollovers

Re-emerging onto the highway or main road is when drivers are most vulnerable to a shoulder drop-off accident. Proving a roadside defect caused your injuries is complex and requires thorough investigation. A well-versed shoulder drop-off attorney can research your case and present evidence that you were not at fault.

Contact a Shoulder Drop Off Attorney

At John Michael Bailey Injury Lawyers, our shoulder drop-off attorneys know that motor vehicle accidents are traumatic and change your life in the blink of an eye. The burdens of this accident may be overwhelming, but you are not helpless in your injuries. Our legal team is committed to fighting for the restitution that will allow car accident victims to heal from their injuries, recover without the stress of financial strain, and move on with their lives. Don’t hesitate to contact our Memphis offices at 888-WE-FIGHT for support and guidance in your case.

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