Memphis Product Liability Attorneys

When consumers purchase new products, they implicitly expect those products to have met all applicable safety standards. When an item does injure a consumer, this shock and feeling of betrayal can exacerbate the situation. With far too much regularity, companies fail to perform their due diligence and allow dangerous merchandise to be sold on the open market. As the Memphis product liability attorneys at John Michael Bailey Injury Lawyers know, the injuries sustained by the use of a defective product can be devastating.

If you have been injured while using a dangerous product, our Memphis legal team will work with you to develop a legal strategy intended to help you both pursue the compensation you need as well as make sure that public attention is brought to a dangerous consumer good.

Dangerous Product Claims in Memphis

While virtually any defective product may become potentially dangerous, some are more likely than others to cause consumers harm. With that in mind, our Memphis legal team has the experience and resources needed to effectively litigate cases involving the following dangerous products:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Defective Household Appliances
  • Toxic Food Products and Containers
  • Dangerous Childcare Products and Toys
  • Defective Vehicles
  • Manufacturing Defects
  • Design Defects

Our Memphis personal injury attorneys believe that you should not have to pay for an injury caused by a dangerous product, and we’re here to help you take aggressive action against the responsible party.

Consult with a Product Liability Attorney in Memphis

At John Michael Bailey Injury Lawyers, our Memphis product liability attorneys are committed to holding companies directly responsible for the injuries their dangerous products cause. To discuss the particulars of your case with one of our Memphis dangerous product attorneys, please call our offices at 888-WE-FIGHT.

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