Workers compensation is often touted by politicians as a way to fairly treat injured workers and to make sure they get the treatment that they need to recover from work injures and to make sure they have a living wage during the time they are recovering. That if the worker is permanently impaired as a result of the injury to ensure that they receive fair compensation for the permanent injury since they often time cannot return to the same job at the same salary.  This looks great on paper and sounds very reassuring when CEO’s and politicians speak about it but unfortunately nothing could be further from the truth.

Here’s the truth. The entire workers compensation system is designed to do one thing. Cheat the injured worker out of what is due them for the injuries suffered on the job. Make no mistake the system is set up with traps all along the way to discourage the worker or to disqualify the worker from receiving benefits. The process is designed to be difficult and confusing. Its designed to delay treatment and deny benefits that are rightfully due. There is very little in the way of remedies to hold adjusters and insurance carriers responsible for bad behavior or for ignoring medical needs or making sure that temporary total payments are sent so that the worker can pay rent or keep the lights on or feed his family.  Every step of the way in the process is a dog fight designed to make an injured worker get frustrated and quit the process and give up.  Workers comp adjusters are paid to get you to accept less than what you deserve for your injuries.

We handle workers comp cases and we don’t handle them because we make tons of money on the cases. We handle them because we believe in our clients and their injuries. We believe in justice and right and wrong and that’s why we fight. We want the best possible result for you and most importantly, we want you as a lifetime client.

If you’ve been injured on the job and are tired of the way you are being treated pick up the phone and call us now at 888-WE FIGHT.  We will be honored to stand with you and together we will go toe to toe with those adjusters to get you the very best result these harsh laws will allow.

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