Nov 9, 2015 Product Liability

126,000 Mercedes Vehicles Recalled for Airbag Defect

Amid numerous automobile recalls, Mercedes Benz has just added several of their vehicles to the list. The automaker announced that it would be recalling 126,000 vehicles in the United States after reports were made of an airbag defect that either caused the device to deploy when no accident had occurred or caused the device’s failure to deploy during a collision.

In 2013, Mercedes found the same defect in a number of their vehicles across Europe, but fixed the problem promptly. However, last year, the same defect began to be reported in the United States. After an investigation by Mercedes, the automaker determined a malfunction in the control unit was causing the airbag to be defective and had affected cars in the United States.

The models included in the recall are the 2008 and 2009 C-300, C-350 and C-63 as well as the 2010 GLK 4-matic. Although Mercedes has not announced when the recall will officially begin, they have stated that no serious injuries have occurred as a result of the defect so far.

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