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First ignition switch trial in New York dismissed

On January 12, a Manhattan, New York jury listened to arguments made by Texas personal injury attorney Robert Hilliard on behalf of Oklahoma resident Robert Scheuer, who blamed the critical injuries he sustained in a May 2014 crash on the defective ignition switch in his 2003 Saturn Ion, which he was driving the day of the accident.

Ten days later, the jury dismissed the trial due to allegations from General Motors that Mr. Scheuer lied on the stand in order to exaggerate the injuries he claimed to have sustained in the collision. It became apparent in the course of the trial that Mr. Scheuer had an extensive history of neck and back trouble, and GM argued that this medical past complicated the nature of his personal injury claim.

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Woman dies after getting hit by car in Memphis

A woman lost her life after she was struck by a vehicle at around 2:25 in the early morning hours of Sunday, January 3 along Interstate 40 at Summer Avenue in Memphis, Tennessee. According to preliminary investigations made by the police, the woman had left her vehicle along the side of the road and was hit by another vehicle while attempting to cross the interstate.

The victim was rushed to Regional One hospital on Jefferson Avenue where she succumbed to her injuries.

The driver of the vehicle that struck the victim was identified as an 18-year-old woman, who was cited for not having a license. Apparently the driver had only been issued a driver’s permit. The victim was not publicly identified pending notification of her family.

A second collision occurred shortly after and involved a police officer who was in the process of transporting a prisoner along northbound I-40. Apparently, a second vehicle swerved into the officer’s lane causing his squad car to collide with the rear portion of the vehicle. The driver of the second car left the scene of the collision, and the officer was cited for failure to maintain a safe lookout.