Sep 12, 2016 Personal Injury

Children who were hurt on Delta Fair Ride speak out

The Moonraker ride at the Delta Fair and Music Festival in Memphis, Tennessee is still closed after an accident that injured eight people. Four of them sustained broken bones as a result of the incident.

16-year-old Faith Parrish and her cousin, 11-year-old Hollie Manard, were among those who were injured when the Moonraker’s safety bars unexpectedly lifted while in operation. The malfunction caused some individuals to dangle from lap bars and eventually fall to the ground.

Casey Lott, Parrish and Manard’s legal counsel, said: “If we have to bring a civil action to hold them accountable for what they did to these children, for what these children have gone through, then that is what we’ll do.” For her part, Parrish’s mother Pauline Owens said: “It is hard for me to look at Hollie and see her crying or look at Faith and see her crying or my other daughter Kira or Jonathan or any of the children that were involved in this.” Owens noted that the children are having panic attacks and that they keep hearing the screams all over again.

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