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When someone makes the choice to drink and drive, they are placing themselves and everyone else at risk. We are very familiar with the consequences of someone making that choice and how it affects the lives of innocent people as the result. We are also very familiar with how infuriating it can be to deal with an adjuster who is not interested in helping you despite the reckless behavior of the insured. We don’t put up with adjuster nonsense. We don’t put up with the game plan of the insurance industry. We don’t put up with them ignoring your claim then inventing a way to weasel out of paying. We will, however, sue the pants off of them to defend the claim asserting that you are not the one at fault and you are not lying about your injuries. 

Here is another matter to consider that most other firms don’t even think about: where did the defendant drink until he or she was intoxicated? Whether it’s a bar, nightclub or a neighbor’s house, holding that person, business or entity responsible for the damages done to you and your family is our main priority.  

A drunk driving case is more complex than other crash cases because it has elements of criminal conduct by the defendant. We are very well versed in knowing how and where to gather that kind of evidence since JMB practiced criminal law for almost 20 years before deciding to do only personal injury. These types of cases almost always have severe injuries associated with them and we know that the psychological and emotional injuries that flow from such criminal and reckless conduct are real. We believe our clients and we believe their injuries and we are proud to fight for them. 

If you or a loved one has been injured because of someone drinking and then choosing to drive pick up the phone and call me now! 888-WE FIGHT.

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