Feb 27, 2016 Car Accident

Coupe, 18-wheeler collision kills one

A teenager was taken to Regional Health One in Memphis, Tennessee after sustaining critical wounds due to a serious two-vehicle collision on Saturday, February 13 at New Allen Road and Whitney Avenue.

Police officials reported the 16-year-old teen, who was not named publicly, had succumbed to mortal injuries at the same hospital she was taken to one day after being admitted.

Major Eddie Bass stated, in an interview with local news channel WREG, that the victim had been a passenger in a small coupe that collided with an 18-wheeler at the Raleigh intersection. He noted that the force of the crash had been significant enough to fold the car like a piece of paper, breaking its windshield and scattering pieces of metal and glass all across the accident site.

Bass added that the driver of the car and the 18-wheeler were also taken to the hospital but are now listed under stable condition.

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