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So, you’ve just been smacked by a distracted driver? Or worse, someone who ran a light; or even worse–a drunk driver.  In the blink of an eye, your life is turned upside down and inside out. When you call the insurance adjuster, they talk to you like a bill collector. 

Where are you going to turn for someone to take your side, stand up to those who did you wrong and fight for you? You can try and handle the case yourself, you can call anyone in town, but I would love to hear from you! You can call me right now at 888-WE FIGHT and we mean it!

Let me clue you in on important information that you are going to need to know to ensure that YOU are protected and preventing the adjuster from treating you like a dog without a home.  

  1. CALL THE POLICE! NO EXCEPTIONS! Make a report and PLEASE wait until the police arrive at the scene and the police report is written. You having that report is well worth the wait, believe me. If you don’t have the report, then no one has an independent investigation of your car crash and the person who hit you can, and will, change the narrative.   
  2. Get pictures. All kinds of pictures. Pictures of the other driver’s license plate and the other driver’s license. Get pictures of the cars as they sit right after the wreck. Get pictures of ALL damages–especially of broken glass and/or bent sheet metal. Both of those indicate very severe injuries and frame damage to your car.  More information on that can be found here. (link to another page) 
  3. If you think you need medical help CALL THAT AMBULANCE! If the ambulance comes to the scene, GO TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM! Remember that insurance adjuster? The one who talks to you like a bill collector? If you don’t document your injuries from the beginning, they will call you a liar and say your injuries are made up. It’s one of the many ways they amuse themselves and humiliate you. 

And this is just the beginning. This fight with the adjuster and/or defense lawyer starts from the moment the wreck occurs and ends when you are so frustrated and worn down that you finally take the peanuts they are throwing at you. They want you to be confused. They want you to give up.  That’s why you need a fighter on your side, someone who won’t get confused. Someone who never gives up. Someone who isn’t afraid to go toe-to-toe with that adjuster.

If you’re ready for a seriously hard working lawyer to stand up to that adjuster to get you every ounce of justice and every dollar you deserve, then pick up that phone and call me now at 888-WE FIGHT or you can click right here!

Here at John Michael Bailey Injury Lawyers, our tough Memphis car accident lawyers are experienced fighters and know how to handle lazy, uncaring adjusters in all types of vehicle crashes.  Each type is different and requires a different way of handling depending on the vehicle and the type of crash.  For example, a crash or collision with another car is handled one way and a crash or a collision with an 18 wheeler is handled much differently. The same goes for biking, motorcycle and pedestrian accidents.  

Don’t you worry though, we have handled all of these types of crashes and collisions for our clients before and gotten them the justice and the money they deserve. Let our fighting experience here at John Michael Bailey Injury Lawyers help you right now. We have over 100 combined years of fighting for our clients and know how to handle the different types of cases that affect people every day.   Again, pick up that phone and call me now  at 888 WE FIGHT  or click here to call and we will start fighting for you as soon as possible!

Car Accident Cases We Handle

We handle all the cases you see below and we would love to help you with your case.  Remember you can try and handle the case yourself, or you can call anyone in town.  But I would love to hear from you and you can call me right now at 888 WE FIGHT!!  IF you are on your phone you can click here and we will get started on your case right away!

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