Apr 13, 2015 Car Accident

Elderly woman killed in Memphis multi-vehicle accident

Sixty-seven-year-old Florence Calloway lost her life in a multi-vehicle accident on Sam Cooper Boulevard in Memphis, Tennessee, Local Memphis reported on March 27.

According to the police’s preliminary investigations, a four-vehicle crash on westbound Sam Cooper Boulevard caused one vehicle to propel over the median and into oncoming traffic. Three other women were taken to the hospital, although fortunately their conditions were not reported as critical.

A witness to the incident, Andrea Westbrook, said she saw the fatal crash in her rearview mirror. Westbrook said cars began to stop, so their occupants could help evacuate people from a red van, as they were concerned it would catch fire.

The eastbound lanes of the boulevard were closed down until 6:30 p.m. to clear the site of accident debris.

One of the drivers involved in the incident, although it was not clear from the report which one, was cited for driving on a suspended license, financial responsibility, and a registration violation.

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