Aug 16, 2016 Medical Malpractice

Health Violations at Memphis Dentist Clinic Pose HIV Threats

The SPT Dental Clinic in Memphis, Tennessee was ordered to close down on July 1st by the Shelby County Health Department for putting patients at risk for blood-borne diseases. Inspectors reported having found unacceptable conditions in the clinic such as improper handwashing techniques and unsanitary dental instruments. Therefore, health officials have advised patients to test for Hepatitis B and C, and HIV. While no specific diseases have been officially connected to the dental clinic, a significant amount of patients could have been exposed to serious infection.
“More than 3,000 patients who have been treated there since 2007 could be at risk,” said Alisa Haushalter, the director of the Shelby County health department.

The investigation began when a patient at SPT Dental Clinic reported to the Tennessee Board of Dentistry complaints regarding sterility. Shelby County health officials have since reported on conditions in the dental clinic that were unhygienic to the point of possible disease transmission. Dr. Alfred Brown, the dentist who operated the clinic, has had his license suspended and is currently not commenting on the situation.

Free testing for blood-borne illness in Shelby County is scheduled for Monday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and has availability on weekdays.

The attorneys at John Michael Bailey Injury Lawyers believe that medical professionals have a responsibility to ensure that their patients are receiving the safest care, but, unfortunately, we see issues like this all the time. We are concerned for the safety of individuals in Shelby County, and will be happy to consult with anyone who may have been infected with a serious illness due to the negligence of a dentist. If you believe you have been injured by a medical professional, please contact our medical malpractice attorneys at John Michael Bailey Injury Lawyers today at 888-WE-FIGHT.

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