Jul 9, 2015 Medical Malpractice

Newsweek article details drug abuse among hospital employees

An article published in Newsweek magazine recently reports on hospital employees who abuse their access to narcotics and place patients in danger. The author, Kurt Eichenwald, introduces his subject by telling a story about the time former radiology technician David Kwiatkowski accidentally and temporarily paralyzed himself with stolen drugs in the bathroom of Arizona Heart Hospital.

The article itself recounts an interview held with Kwiatkowski, who survived the accidental paralysis and went on to steal and abuse narcotics in a number of hospitals across the country. Eichenwald’s article illustrates drug abuse within America’s healthcare system as evidenced by Kwiatkowski’s chilling anecdotes.

Kwiatkowski is now serving time for a number of crimes, including infecting at least 45 hospital patients with hepatitis C. This terrible story is one example of a problem that exists on a much larger scale. According to Eichenwalk, a recent study conducted by the CDC found that “nearly 30,000 people may have been exposed to hepatitic C…by infected hospital employees using narcotics intended for patients.”

Kwiatkowski’s story proves the upsetting reality that hospitals are not infallible, and patients across the country should be vigilant in looking out for negligent behavior. If you have been injured by a negligent medical professional in the Memphis area, don’t hesitate to contact the John Michael Bailey Injury Lawyers by calling 888-WE-FIGHT today.

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