Dec 5, 2016 Articles

Nurse Facing First-Degree Murder Charges for the Deaths of Eight Residents

A Canadian nurse, Elizabeth Tracey Mae Wettlaufer, has been accused of intentionally poisoning eight residents in an assisted-living facility from 2007 to 2014. Wettlaufer’s alleged victims range from age 75 to 90 and were residents at Carressant Care Nursing and Retirement Home in Woodstock. Ontario police say the poisonings took place in two Ontario facilities and were alerted to the activity by a tip claiming Wettlaufer had killed multiple patients.

Five women and three men are alleged to be Wettlaufer’s victims. They were killed using a fatal dose of an administered drug. Wettlaufer first registered as a nurse in 1995 and resigned from the Colleges of Nurses of Ontario one day before the investigation began. Police are not discussing motive at this time, but the homicides mark the most murder charges levied against a single individual since 2006.

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