Sep 9, 2015 Car Accident

Five teenagers hurt in Knoxville car accident

The Knoxville Police Department in Tennessee has reported that five teenagers from Lincoln County have sustained multiple injuries, with one in critical condition, from an automobile accident in Knoxville on Monday, September 7.

The victims were identified as Chaz Goodpaster, Ricardo Nunez, Riley Wilson, Tabor Bandy, and Patrick Thomas.

Lexington, Kentucky news website’s Jessica Reyes conducted an interview with some of the teenagers’ friends from Kentucky and found out that the teenagers involved in the accident were on their way to Florida to celebrate the Labor Day weekend when the accident happened.

Alex Rose, one of the victim’s friends, was getting updates on the victims’ trip on Facebook, which contained Bandy’s Sunday post, which said: “We are finally heading home 12 hours to go but God will hopefully get us home safely”.

Knoxville police are still trying to find out what exactly caused the accident to happen in the first place.

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