Mar 27, 2016 Product Liability

Video of Man Urinating on Kellogg’s Conveyor Belt in Memphis Surfaces

Kellogg’s has confirmed that a viral video of a man urinating on a conveyor belt was taken in their Memphis, Tennessee factory in 2014.  The video was published by the website World Star Hip Hop and showed a man, who may have been an employee of Kellogg’s, urinating on the end of an assembly line and then panning over to a sign featuring the Kellogg’s logo. The company publicly stated that the video was taken in 2014 and that a criminal investigation has begun to find and charge the man featured.  Kellogg’s stated the products that may have been affected include Rice Krispies Treats, Rice Krispies Treats Cereal, and puffed rice cake products.  However, all of these products would now be past their expiration dates.  No suspect has been charged in connection to the video yet.

Food contamination, such as in this case, can cause their consumers serious health issues.  If you or a loved one was affected by a toxic food product, contact the Memphis team at John Michael Bailey Injury Lawyers to begin building your case.  Call our offices at 888-WE-FIGHT today to learn more.

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